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In The Name Of God

The world has a new Pope. That was/is an interesting process. The Catholic church is quite interesting with their rituals. Do you ever watch movies/read books about all this mysterious -just on the edge of being evil- religious ritualistic stuff? I'm going to have to look into that more, it's something that always fascinated me. I wonder how much is fact and how much is fiction. I do know that the Catholic church has a very long dark history, and there has to be some amazing stories there. Well, I hope the new Pope is the humanitarian that the last one was. We talk about world leaders with so much power.. well if you ask me, no one is more powerful than the leader of a religion. We're talking about a guy who has the ability to influence and unite masses, who's word is absolute and beyond question. History is full of both good and bad under the rule of religious leaders, unfortunately the bad is written more often than the good.

Want my take on religion? It's easy to sum up for me... Organized religion breeds only 2 things. Hate and guilt. That's it. Real decent people usually spend their lives feeling bad about their little mistakes, begging/praying for forgiveness, when in reality they shouldn't feel bad at all since they do better than most of us in the world. They are human after all, and according to most religions, they were made weak -with faults- and would inevitably sin. So, if they believe in their religion, why don't they accept that they were made to goof up once in a while? The other part of the religionites spend their life hating the rest of us. For the most part, they don't walk around spewing hate rhetoric... but deep down, they don't like people who are not like them. They may even put on their 'love thy neighbor' face and pretend to love you... but it's a sham. They only do it because they think they are supposed to. Its sad.

Look through history and there has been more blood shed in the name of God than any other reason. Probably more than all other reasons put together. In the end, it's usually about bad people who crave power, glory, riches etc., claiming to be the spokesman for their god, rallying people to hate or fear, then slaughtering another group of people.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a God hater or a disbeliever. I'm positive that God doesn't mislead people. People are just like they've always been... greedy for one thing or the other and misuse the name of God for their own agenda. The frailty of humanity I guess. We deal with it in every aspect of life.

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Prejudice Part 2

I saw on the Yahoo! News page today that the feds have changed the food pyramid and nutritional guidelines... I told you it would change. .

Government Issues 12 New Food Pyramids WASHINGTON -

The government on Tuesday discarded its one-size-fits-all food pyramid in favor of 12 different triangle-shaped guides, each geared to people's differing lifestyles and nutritional needs.
Inside the familiar pyramid shape, rainbow-colored bands representing different food groups run vertically from the tip to the base. The old pyramid's sections ran horizontally. Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns called it "a system of information to help consumers understand how to put nutrition recommendations into action." ....

By LIBBY QUAID, Associated Press Writer

This stuff changes more often than high school fads.

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Wow, I had one visitor already! And she left a comment! I was just giddy over that, . I have no idea why that made me so happy, but it did.

Wait... I got on here, in a foul mood cause someone pissed me off and I was going to rant and rave. THEN, I see I had a comment left, and it stole some of my angst! I'll have to get it back I guess. As soon as I start talking about it, I'm sure I'll be equally pissed again.

To be more precise, I'm not pissed off at someone in particular.. I'm irritated by prejudice. No, I'm not talking about race, creed, religion, sexual orientation... Nothing so grandiose. I am however, talking about peoples stupidity. I'll get to the prejudice in a minute... a little background first. Anyone out there know what the #1 killer of Americans is? Heart disease. Hands down, nothing else even comes close. It is an absolutely wicked beast that shows no mercy on us, we have many preventions, some cures, and yet it wipes us out by the millions. Ok, second question.... anyone know what the #1 cause of heart disease is? Obesity. In general it's our diet, lack of exercise, and simply being overweight as a nation. ALOT overweight.

Ok, I work in the medical field... I'm no saint. I don't hit the gym everyday (translates to never), I like Taco Bell as much as the next person, I eat red meat, a salad is something I only eat as a last resort unless it has bacon on it, and I have enough bad habits to last everyone for the next 10 years. But so far my life has been ok... I'm fairly healthy, about average weight, etc.

So, I see an old friend at the C-store earlier this afternoon... It was good to see him, it had been ages since we talked last. He looked like he'd put on about 80-100 pounds, but what do I care? I certainly wasn't going to say "Dude, you got way fat since the last time I saw you!" He's the same nice guy I've known forever. So, he pays for his nachos smothered in yellow death (nacho cheese), his Ding-Dongs or whatever they were, and his Diet Coke and we walk outside together. We're shooting the bull for quite some time, caught up with each other, talked about old friends, new friends, job, family, the whole spectrum of the usual... So then I light up.

Yep, you read right. I light up the all evil cigarette and smoked it. He pipes up... "You work in a hospital, you should know those are going to kill you!" Ok, first of all.. you don't need a fuckin doctorate degree to know that... any five year old can tell me that. It's a nasty bad habit, and no one knows that as well as me. But the audacity of this guy to sit there -being all kinds of overweight, nachos and Ding-Dong's long ago stomached, dying of heart disease- and tell me that smokes will kill me? Oh it drives me crazy! We all have our bad habits, some of them just smell worse than others. Perhaps I should have said to him, "If you get any fatter, or eat any more nachos your heart is going to blow up before we finish this conversatoin!" Would that have been nice? Would that have been the proper thing to say? Would most decent people ever say such a thing? Doesn't every 5 year old know that being overweight isn't healthy? Then why is it people feel so damned obligated to point out to a smoker that they smoke, and it's not a good habit? I KNOW THAT ALREADY! We all have our faults and they are simply just a part of being human. I like many people inspite of their faults, and I certainly don't make a habit of pointing their faults out to them.

Is there really anything that won't kill you? Red meat is bad, meat in general is bad, being a vegan is bad, carbs are good, carbs are bad, trans fat, saturated fat, fast food, big meals, chocolate, TV, booze, pop, pot... And those are just the every day things! Do we all walk/run/do cardio for 30 minutes a day? America takes a prescription for everything... heaven forbid we quit eating junk food, we have a pill to lower your cholesterol. We stay up late, sleep in late... that's unhealthy as hell. Who eats 16 servings of vegetables every day? Who can even name 16 different veggies? . Besides, as soon as you get that kind of diet going the FDA will change their minds yet again and rearrange the entire food chart on you. We all run around in our fast paced world, stressed to the nines, with all kinds of terrible habits.

Well, smoking is mine. Eat your damn nachos and bitch about my smoking if you want to... but odds are GREATLY in favor of heart disease getting you before lung cancer gets me. I told you I'd have no trouble getting pissed again. ; )

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Privacy. Not To Much To Ask Is It?

Hmmm. Now that I'm here, I'm not sure what to say. I'm not often short on words, so it's an awkward moment for me. I guess I'm making this blog so I can rant and rave about all that's screwed up in the world. If I listed all the things that piss me off, drive me crazy, intrigue me, or just get something off my chest, I'd never leave my computer.

What I'd really like is for people to leave a few posts, ask a few questions, tell me what they think about... and I'll respond. I'm hoping for a lot of responses to anything I post, otherwise this will bore the hell out of me awfully quick. So if you're here, and you read this, please leave a remark even if it's nothing more than saying you were here.

I just checked my email a few minutes ago, and there was a virus attached to one of my messages! I loathe the people who do that. Who are these people that have nothing better to do than try and destroy my computer? Where's the the thrill in this for them? There are a million so-called "evil" things in this world that I can think of to do that actually have a point to it! My friend got the same email and had written me to warn me that I'd have it in my inbox as well (of course I read the virus email before his, ) and he mentioned that he really hoped there was a special place in Hell for the people who do this. I concur.

That guy who was convicted of spamming got sentenced to 9 years last week... I found that to be quite humorous. Now we just need to get them all, and start on the people who send junk mail to my house (via snail mail) and the world will be a much better place. Is junk mail really that effective? How often does anyone actually open a letter or email from an unsolicited source, read it, and actually buy into whatever "deal of a life-time " is being offered? There must be money in it, or it wouldn't happen... but I just don't see it. Does anyone have any marketing experience with this? There's got to be someone out there in-the-know about the whys and hows of all this junk mail.

The "do not call" list was certainly a huge step forward for mankind... right up there with traveling to the moon if you ask me. (Oh, that would be a fun topic if I could get plenty of feedback on it... Did anyone really go to the moon? Do you know people who don't believe that it's happened? Have you heard the arguments that it was simply a government produced hoax? Some say that's about the craziest conspiracy theory there is, others are convinced it never happened. I've heard the con arguments, and they aren't that bad... it's interesting to be sure.) ANYWAY..... My home phone certainly has been a much more pleasant item since the do not call list came out. I wish we'd make a few more "do not bug me about your stupid scheme, I'm not interested, and I hope you burn in Hell" lists.

This whole privacy thing is getting out of control anyway.... it seems that every day in the news some company somewhere has lost, leaked, or has had stolen a bunch of personal information. That, drives me nuts. It's not their personal information!!!!!!! It's mine damnit! and I want it back! I was talking to a friend the other day, telling her that when I started college a few years back, it wasn't a week after I registered that I started to get all kinds of mail and phone calls about student housing, student loans, student rates on credit cards, college money from the Army, just a plethora of things.... That so pissed me off. They sold my name, address, and phone number.

Think about what I just said.... THEY SOLD MY NAME. The keyword there being "my." How does one sell something that is mine? One day, I'm going to find me a smart lawyer, one who's shrewd enough to pull it off, and I'm going to sue the hell out of someone for selling something that belongs to me! I mean, really, if someone showed up on my front door and informed me that they had just bought my house from someone else who didn't own it... would that be any different? You can't sell my house cause it's mine.. I own it. I paid for it. So why can you sell my name, my email, my phone number, or my physical address? I pay alot of money each month, for my phone numbers and email address... I PAY FOR THEM, THEREFORE I OWN THEM! At the very least I'm renting them and have some rights! Same with my physical address, that cost me upwards of 100k! That's a fair chunk of change isn't it? As for my name... well, I realize that's a little different. I didn't pay for that, but certainly I own it as well... My mother gave it to me after all. I have a little certificate even stating as much, a legal document, issued by the state, saying that it is MY name.

There are companies who's entire business is built on selling personal information. These are not just little shops around the corner in some dark lit alley, with shadey wannabe private detectives.... These are multibillion dollar corporatioins who have contracts with everyone from the government, to every spam-is-us firm, to divorce lawyers. These are publicly traded corporations... Legal. Can you believe that? Its fuckin legal to sell something that doesn't belong to you! Go figure.

One day... One day I'm going to actually do it. It's a matter of just finding someone crazy enough to go along with my idea, and not charging me a lot do do it! .

See, I told you that I didn't usually lack for words... This started cause I was bent about getting an email virus and look where it ended! Honestly, I had to stop myself or I would have went on for days. Please... Leave remarks, say hi, tell me to go to hell, whatever.... just say something when you get here.


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